Born:1928, New York City.

Schooling: Fieldston High School, Bronx (1946), Oberlin College (BA, 1951), Columbia University (MA, History, 1953), Pratt Institute (M.Arch, 1961).

Career: Free Europe (1953-1956); Marcel Breuer Associates (1962-1965); Conklin Rossant, Architects ((1965-1968); Daniel Pang & Paul Willen Associates (1984-1995); Paul Willen Architect (1995-Present).

Milestones: The Whitney Museum/The Grand Stairs (Marcel Breuer Associates, 1962-1963); Lower Manhattan Plan (1965-1966); Isfahan New Town (1977-1978); River Road (with John Belle, 1980); Trail Creek Village, Vermont (1982-1985); Klapper Hall, Queen's College (1986-1989); Riverside South (with Don Gutman, 1990-2014); Shanghai Racquet Club and Apartments (1998-2002).

Papers (selected): Soviet Architecture in Transformation (dissertation, Columbia University 1953); The Locusts and the Briefcases (The Reporter Press, 1954); Handel's Pastoral Mode and the English Landscape Revolution (delivered to the American Handel Society, 2005.)

Awards, Boards, Lectures: Fellow, American Institute of Architects (1994); Bard Award; P/A Design Award. Boards: Henry Kaufman Campgrounds; Technion University USA; Waterfront Center; Parks Council. Juries: Pratt Institute; Cooper union; City College; Harvard University/School of Design; Cooper Union, Yale University/Art and Architecture; University of Vermont. Lectures: Future of Soviet Architecture (MoMA); The Jeffersonian Matrix (NJ School of Architecture); Public Waterfront Access (Waterfront Center); Cloning New York (Oberlin College); New Vistas on the Hudson (City College, NY); Shanghai River Panorama (Municipal Art Society); Riverside Center/Tower Complex (AIA/NY).

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