Two Communities

In line with West Side precedent, this meant a continuous line 16-story base, topped by towers (single or twin), clustered in characteristic New York fashion, albeit bigger and taller. Two "communities" were planned, one north and one south, to be centered on plazas along Freedom Place, at 68th adn 62nd Streets (see plan at left.)

Design guidelines were established, to be monitored by RSPC. Among other things, the guidelines provided for predominantly masonry façades, with limits on the percentage of glass—to be compatible with Riverside Drive to the north.

These guidelines expired in 2003. As a result, the developer was then free to switch to the predominantly glass façades that became standard in New York residential buildings at this time. The break affected buildings south of 64th Street.

Start of Construction

Construction commenced in 1997, and continued at a pace of about a block a year for the next decade, at which time work was halted due to the recession. Work was resumed in 2013 at Block K.

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